WSET Sample Questions

1. Which gives colour to red wine?
(a) Skin
(b) Stalk
(c) Pips
(d) Pulp

2. Which of the following wines is Italy most famous for?
(a) Rioja
(b) Riesling
(c) Sancerre
(d) Barolo

3. Which of the following is a popular black grape variety?
(a) Chardonnay
(b) Pinot Grigio
(c) Grenache
(d) Sauvignon Blanc

4. What style of wine is Chablis?
(a) Dry white
(b) Sweet white
(c) Sweet red
(d) Dry red

5. What is the grape variety used to make Sancerre?
(a) Chardonnay
(b) Sauvignon Blanc
(c) Cabernet Sauvignon
(d) Riesling

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WSET Level 2 Sample Questions:

1. Which variety is often used for rose wines in Spain and Southern France?
(a) Grenache
(b) Chardonnay
(c) Sangiovese
(d) Zinfandel

2. Which grape variety is grown in both Alsace and Italy, making very different styles of wine?
(a) Cabernet Sauvignon
(b) Grenache
(c) Pinot Gris
(d) Syrah

3. Youthful Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc wines have flavours of
(a) Pineapple and Oak
(b) Gooseberry and Passion Fruit
(c) Pear and honey
(d) Citrus and butter

4. A single malt whiskey must always come from a single.....?
(a) Cask
(b) Distillery
(c) Malting
(d) Pot Still

5. Which labelling term below would you associate with an aged Rioja?
(a) Classico
(b) Crianza
(c) Kabinett
(d) Sparkling

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