How many people attend each tasting?
Usually between 10 and 20  - enough for atmosphere, but not too many to make it impersonal.

What should I expect on the night? 
On arrival, you’ll be given a tasting mat and an information sheet as per the picture. We will then taste 6-8 wines (depending on the topic) over the 2 hours.  

Is there a dress code? What should I wear?
No dress code – whatever you feel comfortable in.

Can I attend a tasting by myself? 
Of course! Every session has a mixture of individuals and small groups making for an engaging atmosphere.

Will there be food at the tasting?
Depending on the theme we offer small nibbles e.g. Crisps or Pretzels or Cheese  

Are your tastings snooty?
Absolutely not! The school’s mantra is ‘Wine tasting for everyone’ so whether you know a little or a lot about wine, our sessions are pitched to help you have fun and get the most enjoyment possible whatever your knowledge.

Where do you source your wines from?
We source from a variety of retailers, usually Waitrose, Majestic, Wine Society or local independents. Each wine is what I feel is a good example to support the teaching based on quality, price and availability - so if customers particularly like a wine they taste, they can then go and buy the wine at their leisure.

How expensive are the wines on tasting?
Between £7 and £25 – it’s about how well the wine supports the teaching points so (within reason) price isn’t a major consideration.

Other tastings I've seen seem to be a bit cheaper..?
Our USP is that ‘we don’t sell wine’ . Other tastings often have subsidised ticket prices based on expected wine sales after the event. With us, it’s all covered in your ticket allowing us to choose the best examples independently and making for a relaxed evening with no pressure to buy.

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